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Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

Life Groups

Life Groups will provide a vehicle that fosters the growth of believers through; meaningful deep relationships, sound biblical teaching and communal outreach in the greater Memphis Area. (Acts 2:42-47) Each group will have the following components: Learn – (Weekly) is to foster growth in the knowledge and intimacy with God. This isn’t a traditional Bible Study that some may think but more so healthy dialogue and discussions, Pastor Turner’s sermons mainly. Live – (Quarterly) This aspect of the life group will help strengthen the community aspect of The Blvd. These smaller community based activities will help The Blvd feel smaller. The goal of these activities is to add the community aspect to daily rhythms of life. Love - (Monthly) This aspect of the small group will serve as the incarnational ministry arm. This is where each group will flesh out what it means to be a Christian in their given contexts. The goal is that through these small groups the city of Memphis would be impacted by the glory of God.